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Low energy, fatigue, digestive problems, gum and teeth problems, diabetes, cancer, headaches, depression, skin problems, frequent colds, weight problems, too heavy, too thin, and the list of modern society’s chronic health problems goes on and on.  Yet, most remedies only aim at covering up symptoms, not getting to the real cause.  How many times have you taken a remedy for a health problem only to find that when you have stopped, the same problem came back worse than the first time?


Why not give the job to experts? 

Us and your very own body!

Did you know that your body has an inborn ability to heal itself?  No matter how ill you may feel, if you are alive, your body will keep striving every moment to reach health and balance.  If you cut yourself, get a burn, or get a cold, it is your body that mends itself.  It is the same with any illness; it is the body that wants to heal.

 Is the food you are eating, the supplements you are taking, and the lifestyle you are living  helping your body to get well?

Or are you throwing a wrench into the machinery?

Natural Therapeutics for Health offers guidance in the lifestyle that can increase your body’s ability to mend itself.  We will write an individual program for your needs, which includes a healthful food diet, lifestyle routine, and write a unique herbal formula.

Yes, all the mechanisms for healing are contained right within the body’s natural systems and  Natural Therapeutics for Health will teach you how to give your body the tools it needs to help you get well.  The right herbs, supplements, and foods can greatly increase the body’s ability to get well and stay well.

We are Natural Therapeutics for Health and we are dedicated to empowering people to take charge of their health with the intelligent use of herbs, foods, and lifestyle.  Our office is located in downtown Cranford, Union County, New Jersey just 1 block from trains and buses and just minutes from the New Jersey Parkway and Turnpike.

Taking charge of one’s own health is for everyone.  No matter where your present state of health is, it can potentially be better.

We have several consultation options from which to choose.

One is just right for you!




We offer private consultations and evaluations.

Health Lectures and educational classes are available for public and private organizations.  For information, please contact us at      908-967-5514       908-347-5484


American Herbalist Guild-The Professional Organization for Clinical Herbalists

National Yoga Alliance-A National Registry for Quality Training and Assurance  

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Natural Therapeutics for Health, L. L. C., nor its representatives or employees, does not diagnosis or treat disease.  It is understood that any information or suggestions imparted to the client is not a substitute for medical advice from a licensed physician or other licensed health care provider.

Email: (temporary email)   Office Ph. 908-967-5514   Mobile P. 908-347-5484

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