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"Herbal-Based Health Care for the 21st Century"

About NTH

Phytotherapy & Foodomics for Wellness

Natural Therapeutics for Health is customized herbal and foodomics1 based health care.  Our protocols are designed to work harmoniously with your body’s innate balancing ability.  All of your body’s cells, tissues, and systems are continually working together to cleanse, heal, and renew.  The more natural the tools, the easier it will be for your body to heal and regenerate.

Natural Therapeutics for Health offers your body the natural means it needs and wants for health and well-being.  Herbs, foods, and a natural life style give your body the opportunity to do better, what it does naturally.  We cannot force the body to heal; we can only let the body heal.

Natural Therapeutics for Health is customized natural health care. Each person is evaluated and then advised based on individual needs, concerns, and temperaments.

Natural Therapeutics for Health is a wonderful stand alone therapy or can be safely customized alongside of your current medical protocol.

1 ”Foodomics is the comprehensive, high-thoroughput approach for the exploitation of food science in the light of an improvement of human nutrition.  [It is a]…new approach to food and nutrition that studies the food domain as a whole with the nutrition domain to reach the main objective, the optimization of human health and well-being [emphasis ours]Source: Capozzi, F., Bordoni, A.”Foodomics, a new approach to food and nutrition”.  Department of Food Sciences, University of Bologna, Piazza Goidanich, 60, 47521, Cesena, FC, Italy.

Home calls are available for the elderly or infirm.     Ph. 908-967-5514   (temporary email)

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