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Why Do I Get Sick?


Why Do I Get Sick?

        I get sick because my body is working to stay balanced, functional, and well.  Various symptoms are what I feel and experience when my body is working to offset and reverse or eliminate something that I have been doing contrary to good sense and good health.

    Yes, our bodies are always at work.  They have the ability to maintain health with little effort on our part.  Runny noses, coughs, aches, pains, and fevers are how our bodies eliminate various toxins that accumulate during normal metabolic processes and from toxins we accumulate from our environment and various foods and drinks.  The process is really quite simple.  The more our food and lifestyle is compatible with things that support our bodies’ efforts, the less and milder our symptoms become.  The stronger we build our immune systems, the greater ease getting through disease symptoms.  One thing is certain; the body does not make mistakes.  It does what it is supposed to do.  Every action that it takes has been initiated by something else.  In biology, there is always causal relationships, as nothing living exists in a vacuum.  Every physiological occurrence initiates a reaction.

           True, we do have to eventually go the way of all human flesh and die but would we not enjoy our brief sojourn here so much more if we felt better? There are things along the way of life that we can do to promote greater wellness no matter what state we are presently in at the moment.  We do have a good deal more power over our health destiny than we can imagine.  The amazing part about taking over one’s own health destiny is that we discover just how predicable our health patterns become.  I know; I have been living the natural life for many years and I can attest to the results.

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